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Why Lash Professionals switch to Moitié?

Moitie is a giant leap forward for the lash industry. Originally designed by our founder to reduce lash damage, 
the patent-pending system delivers an extraordinary range of benefits for lash artists, makeup professionals and others in the beauty industry.

1. Lash Health

Traditional lashes stress individual follicles. In many women, that leads to accelerated follicle fallout and irritation, with slower growth over time in the damaged hairs.

Moitie lashes utilize a three dimensional design to efficiently deliver a voluminous look that would normally require a lot more hairs -- and thus a lot more weight. By spreading the already-reduced weight across multiple hairs, each hair follicle has less weight to carry. Thanks to the bridge design, lashes are also less prone to twist.

2. Faster Application

By giving customers an option to drop in a get their lashes done in 15 minutes or less, you’ll have a lot more customers, and they’ll be happier to get back hours of their day.

3. Easy Learning Curve

You and your team can be up and running in just a few hours, vs months that were previously required

4. Superior visual appearance

Several styles to choose from, with the ability to customize as well.

5. Ingredient Quality

Extensively tested glue.