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Lash Safety

Important Safety Information



1. Moitié products are professional-grade. Read the included application and removal instructions carefully. 

2. Do not use if you suffer from impaired vision, poor hand-eye coordination, or have trouble stabilizing your hands for any reason. 

3. Do not eat or drink. Contact a poison control center immediately if ingested. 

4. Keep out of the reach of children.  

5. Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients. 

6. Exercise caution when handling tweezers. The tweezers’ tips are pointy. Please be careful not to poke or jab at your eyes with our tweezers. 

7. Please do not apply lashes in poor lighting, or when not completely focused on lash application. 

8. Only apply while sober and focused. 

9. Use the Priming Glue and Lash Removal Gel carefully, and avoid contact with your eyes. If you accidentally get any in your eyes, flush immediately with water, and seek medical assistance. 

10. Lash extensions are to be applied to lashes only. Please DO NOT apply lashes to your eyelids, eyes, or to any surrounding skin. Our Priming Glue and Lash Removal Gel are designed to be used only on the hairs of your lashes. 

11. Use the included Lashes, Priming Glue and Lash Removal Gel as intended. Do not use other lashes, glues or solvents. 

12. Please do not pull, pick at, or tug the lashes once applied. 

13. Dispose of any remaining Priming Glue and Lash Removal Gel 30 days after opening. 

Enjoy and have fun!