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How it Works?

Gorgeous Lashes in 3 Easy Steps!


Your Lash Kit Contains: 10 small lash strips, application tweezers, glue, eye pads, remover.



  Step 1:

Start by removing the first lash strip. You’ll apply each of these lash strips one by one until you achieve your desired look. Use the included tweezer to gently lift the first lash strip, and dab a small amount of the glue to the strip's edge.


Step 2:

Apply the strip to the top lid of your natural eyelashes at the base of the lid. Use the tweezer to gently hold the lash strip with glue to the top of your natural lashes, and then wait 10 seconds for the glue to partially dry before moving to the next strip.


Step 3:

Repeat the application process with the remaining lash strips. Note that the glue is easy to work with, as it only partially dry, so you can design your natural look with ease. For more volume, add more lash strips, for less volume, stop at just a few strips. It’s all up to you!





Now…open your eyes, Gorgeous!

  That’s it! For optimum results, avoid direct contact with water for 24 hours. After that…go dance in the rain. Meditate under a waterfall. Go deep-sea diving. Do what you do and enjoy your new 10-Day Lashes!