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Can I apply it? Is it easy to apply?

With just a 5-10 minute application, get lashes that last 10+ days. Need help with application? We have customer service specialists available 24/7. Schedule a free 1-on-1 with our lash experts for the best application.

Will these damage my natural lashes?

No. Moitié eyelash extensions are specifically designed to ensure lashes are not damaged during application or removal. Our unique 5-fan segments are adhered to multiple natural lashes with a gentle adhesive and will remain intact for 10+ days. If you’ve ever tried professional lash extensions applied in the salon, you’ll know that dry, split or broken lashes are an all too common side effect for temporary beauty. In the salon model, several lashes are applied to one individual natural lash, resulting in a heavier load that ultimately breaks natural lashes. Moitié’s 5-fan segments distribute weight more evenly by adhering to several natural lashes, reducing the risk of damage.

Are lashes re-usable?

Unfortunately, we wouldn't recommend using the same pair of lashes for more than 10-14 days due to hygiene reasons when using the stronger adhesives.

How do I know which style is the best option for me?

Take our style quiz to determine what lashes work best for your eye shape, make-up preferences, and application type. Our silk lashes come in three styles: Natural, Light Glam, and Full Glam.

Are these lashes really beginner-friendly?

While there’s a slight learning curve, most of our customers get it right on the first try! Here’s a YouTube tutorial you can watch to see how easy it is. We also offer a FREE one-on-one video call with our professional lash artists if you want someone to guide you. And if you don’t get it perfectly right the first time, you can always use the remover, and start again – so it’s truly risk-free.

Do they really last for 10 days? How is that possible?

Yes! If you don’t get the full 10 days of wear, please contact our customer service and we’ll help make it right (usually it’s an issue with application technique). As for how this is possible: We developed a unique bottom-banded lash system that applies over your natural lashes and bonds with our custom-formulated glue. While gentle and light, the glue is incredibly strong once it cures. Since the glue cures with pressure, you can apply the lash segment and make adjustments to its position. Once you’re happy with the placement, just squeeze together with your natural lashes, and voila – the lashes will stay in place for  10+ days.

Can I place them under my natural lashes?

No, our system is designed to be placed on top of the lashes for support and safety.

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